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Canada’s Self Employed Visa

Self Employed Visa

Canada’s Self Employed Visa is for individuals who are interested to undertake
self-employment e.g. athletes, farmers or artisans. This visa is a business visa for individuals who want to invest in any of the above mentioned sectors/industries in Canada and initiate self-employment. Applicants towards this visa need to make a significant contribution towards athletic or cultural life of Canada. They must have relevant experience in participating at international levels in the field of culture, art, sport and recreation activities listed by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). Applicants having experience in management of farms are also considered, provided they have the ability and intention to purchase and as well as manage farms in Canada. The applicants applying for this visa must have purpose, experience and talent to setup a business that makes contribution towards the economic development of Canada.
Recipients of self-employed visa are free enough to settle anywhere in Canada. They can also pursue further studies, work or invest in a business. They are eligible to enjoy the same privileges and rights similar to a Canadian citizen with an exception of voting. They and their dependents are also eligible for subsidized education and health care. They will also have access to the highly trained labor force in Canada. Various Tax incentives are offered to the visa holder when he/she makes investment in any business initiative. After completion of three years of stay in Canada, they can apply for Canadian Citizenship. Family members and children below 22 years can accompany the visa holder.
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